LEVAY is a dynamically rising agricultural enterprise in Greece where we cultivate WALNUTS, with a presence in the agri-food sector since 2015. We have chosen to cultivate two varieties of WALNUTS with the best quality characteristics. The initial choice was the Chandler variety from California as a result of crossing two other varieties at the DAVIS University of USA. After 2 years i.e., in 2017, having previously found new land, we included the second variety of equal interest of French origin Lara (protected variety) Pépinières de Lalanne, Gironde.

Our goal and our way of life is to achieve and provide, naturally with the contribution of nature, a high-quality product. 



Our farms are located in the village of Sfikia, Imathia, on the west side of the Pieria Mountains at an altitude of 650m northwest of the (mythical) Mount Olympus at 76 km and not far away from Veroia (25Km), capital of the prefecture of Imathia. Very close by flows the river Haliacmon while the Rizomata forest is nearby. An ideal natural environment for the development of our nut trees far away from any kind of pollutants and industrial areas.

Wonderful Mediterranean climate, very balanced. The air quality is unique.

Those who visit this area are impressed by the natural beauty of the landscape. One encounters a great variety of colors both in the different rocks that make up the mountain formations and the local vegetation that prevails leaves a special feeling of fullness and pleasure. Each season with its corresponding colors. It is also a place of great archaeological interest and history lost in the depths of the centuries. We are talking about the cradle of the Macedonians, the ancient city city of Aigai (near Vergina) where the tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great is located) where the ancient Levaii (Sfikia) was one of the settlements. This is the origin of the name of our company “Levay”.



A safe ecosystem provides safe products

Cultivation mode- processing. We cultivate and care for our walnut fields with ecological consciousness using the most appropriate methods of modern agriculture and strict adherence to European regulations, respecting the environment as well as human health, under the supervision of our scientific collaborators, Agricultural and Food and Nutrition Chemists. Consequently, the entire production and processing chain is thus responsibly controlled to ensure both the quality of our products and the safety of the consumer.


As of 14-01-2022 Our company “LEVAY” has developed and implemented a Quality Management System (QMS), which uses ISO 9001: 2015 as a framework that allows the company to document and improve practices in order to better meet the needs and expectations of customers, stakeholders and interested parties. In addition, our organization is a member of the international network of certified companies IQNet. This gives us the opportunity to cooperate in importing, purchasing raw materials and know-how as well as exporting and selling our products to recognized and certified quality companies and organizations of high level in Greece and abroad.


We have carried out chemical analyses on “Levay” WALNUTS with excellent results which you can see HERE and for the cultivation.

Levay WALNUTS are completely free of aflatoxins and heavy metals. Traces of pesticides are marginally detectable and 30 times below the limit as their use is almost zero.  In short, by eating Levay WALNUTS you get all the nutritional value, all the natural taste and a perfectly healthy superfood.


To be able to achieve the aforementioned objectives and for the optimal and autonomous operation of our business, in 2021 we established our walnut processing unit. After harvesting, the walnuts are quickly transported to a covered area, where they are washed, peeled in a walnut peeler,  immediately placed in the dryer and finally are packed to be delivered to our customers. With this process we manage to save valuable time and preserve the kernels’ quality by minimising the time the walnuts remain in the field. This integrated production chain enables us to offer services of the highest quality since we have full control and hold the responsibility of our final product.


ELOT ΕΝ ISO 9001:2015

Possibility of buying wholesale

Our company’s walnut cultivation is also ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified.